Best Travel Fly Rod

Best Travel Fly Rod

When you’re traveling, it’s important to have a great rod that balances weight, size, and power. So we reviewed some of the most popular fly fishing rods out there to find you the Best Travel Fly Rod.

If you are in a hurry:

Aventik Z is the Best Travel Fly Rod as per our reviews.

Now, let us move to our in-depth reviews.

Best Travel Fly Rod Reviews

Here is our pick of the Best Travel Fly Rods…

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Aventik Z Travel Fly Rod

Aventik Short & Light Ultra Light Fly Fishing...

Aventik Z is a four-piece fast action rod for amateur and experienced fishermen. It is an amazing fly rod that does exactly what a top-quality rod should do and more.

The fly rod checks off the basics as it is lightweight and sturdy. It promises an accurate and easy cast over long distances.

The design is very sharp and the fly rods come in different size and weight options. The blanks have an attractive red finish. It is compact and easy to travel with.

It wasn’t a hard decision looking at the abilities of this rod. It does everything you need it to and while looking good! Aventik Z is the Best Travel Fly Rod as per our reviews.

Your Aventik Z isn’t going anywhere for a while. It comes with a guarantee of up to 25 years. This is perfect as you can get your fly rod repaired on a budget.

For people looking for a traveling fly rod that can do it all at a reasonable price, this will be a perfect buy.

Moonshine Drifter Rod

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly...

Moonshine Drifter is one of the classiest fly fishing rods out there. The rod is a hand-turned Spalted Burl dyed to reveal the graining. It also consists of copper anodized hardware not found on many rods.

This fly rod, with its vintage color scheme, embodies and dominates the natural look. The fancy look of the Moonshine rods shouldn’t intimidate you though. It is far from complicated and is suitable for beginners or experts.

Moonshine Drifter fly rods are versatile and convenient. They offer high quality and performance at a budget price.

These rods come in different lengths with good, consistent bend. They come in a weight range including 3 weight rods, 4 weight rods, 5 weight rods, 6 weight rods, and 7 weight rods. This is better than the standard one-size-fits-all rods that most companies sell.

These medium action fly rods deliver excellent performance even in demanding conditions. They are stiff enough to cast even large flies long distances and sensitive enough to pursue trout, bass, and stripers.

We get excited talking about the Moonshine Drifter Fly Rods. These rods offer many options and possibilities. They are perfect for those who love deception.

Moonshine Drifter comes with a hard canvas tube to protect the rod from dirt, water, and mud.

The sleek case gives you the freedom to fish anywhere making this one of the Best Backpacking Fly Rods. Any angler would be lucky to get their hands on this!

Goture Travel Fly Fishing Rod

Goture Fly Fishing Rod - 9ft 4 Piece Fly Rod...

Goture Fly Rod is a great gift for any traveling angler. It promises smooth casting thanks to the light and sturdy structure. It’s the perfect fly fishing gear to use on any fishing trip.

The four-piece rod feels great the moment you pick it up. It is a balanced rod due to the customized burl wood insert. It is not too heavy but the rod weight is enough to know you are holding something.

Goture comes in a compact and travel case. It includes a durable PVC tube that allows for easy storage of your four-piece fly rod.

The online reviews might further sway you. You’ll hardly find any negative feedback. It is one of the Best Travel Fly Rods available on the market.

Goture Fly Rods come with a one-year warranty and a lifetime repairing warranty. So, if your rod somehow breaks or needs repairing, you can get it fixed at a reasonable price

The lifetime repair warranty will benefit many owners especially beginners.

Redington Butter Stick

Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod (370-3) - 3...

The Redington Butter Stick is next on our list. The 5’9 rod length may intimidate new fishers who aren’t used to handling fly rods. But it’s important to note that 5’9 rod is not the longest of the fly fishing rods that can stagger up to 10 feet.

Yet this rod is long enough for small streams and overgrown banks. With this rod, beginners have a better chance of catching any fish in their path.

We all know that beginners like to take it easy when out in the waters. They like to take their time to understand the fishing gear and conditions.

If you are not used to handling fly fishing rods, or if you prefer to slow it down. Then the Redington Butter Stick rod is great for you.

Most beginners know that accuracy is a hard skill to master whether fishing in lakes, rivers, or small streams.

This slow-action fly rod can present the fly in the tightest of places. The slow action allows for better accuracy and timing. Redington Butter Stick is an excellent rod for short and gentle casts in small streams.

The Butter Stick allows you time to slow it down and enjoy fishing. The retro exterior makes every fishing trip feel like a lazy throwback Thursday.

All in all, the Redington Butter Stick rod is one of the Best Travel Fly Rods out there. No fish is safe when you’re out in the water!

This rod is very durable. Coupled with the slow action, it is an ideal rod to get started with fly fishing.

Dragontail Hellbender Starter Kit

DRAGONtail Tenkara Hellbender Big Fish Zoom...

Dragontail Hellbender is a full starter kit for fly fishing. This backpacker friendly fly rod can be your friend if you appreciate minimalism.

The rod itself is suitable for bigger fish but Tenkara fishing gear is all about simplicity.

Fly fishing is an angling method that has been around for ages. The sport is resistant to change yet it’s safe to say that Tenkara is a gamechanger. Dragontail Tenkara is not like your ordinary fly rod. In fact, there is no reel to it! Just a rod, fly line, and dry flies.

It is hard to describe how amazing and humbling it can be to handle the Tenkara Fly Rod. I’m not surprised though. The Japanese have a known track record of creating simplistic designs.

The minimalistic aesthetics will send you back to the earlier days of fishing. It allows you to focus on what fishing is all about. But the simple design does not mean sub-par material. The bamboo is light and durable.

Tenkara fly rods allow you a break from the standard western rigs at a fraction of the cost. This rod is a great getaway that offers people an accessible and affordable entry point.

Dragontail Tenkara is perfect for travelers as it can fit in your backpack. This fly fishing starter kit is perfect for beginners as well as experienced backpackers.

Tailwater Outfitters

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod: Fast...

Toccoa is a durable, accurate, and lightweight rod from Tailwater Outfitters. It is a fast action rod perfect for long casts and big fish. Toccoa fly rod can reel in any size fish with ease. It is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. It is one of few rods that go above and beyond the basics of a fly rod.

Learning how to grip and control this fly fishing rod is easy even for beginners. This four-piece rod is popular for its fast action and ease of use. Yet it can hold up its own against the more determined fish.

Toccoa fly rods are perfect for catching different species. You can use the 7-8wt rod to fish for Bass, Stripers, Pike in lakes. The 3wt rod is great for Trout and Small Panfish. The 5wt. rod is an all-around fly rod for Trout, Bass, etc.

Toccoa is one of the top fishing rods available on the market today. It comes with a four-compartment rod tube for easy storage and transport. This rod is handy if you love fishing on the move.

Tailwater Outfitters fishing gear can last for several years due to its durability. Toccoa fly fishing rods are no exception. These rods can handle strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Piscifun Sword Lightweight Rod

Piscifun Graphite Fly Fishing Rod 4 Piece...

Piscifun Sword is a promising four-piece rod that is quite easy to use for beginners. It uses IM7 Graphite for durability, accuracy, and performance.

The accuracy of these fly rods is especially useful for beginners. Piscifun Sword promises precise fly placement. Accuracy can make the difference between a great catch and a missed opportunity.

There are different fly rods available for different types of fishing. The slow-action rods are suitable for catching smaller fish. Piscifun also has a medium-fast action rod. These different options can help you in choosing a rod as per your fishing needs.

Piscifun Sword is one of the most travel friendly fly rods you can get at a reasonable price. The unique construction makes them sensitive to small bites yet strong enough to reel in big fish.

These fly rods have a simplistic look that some might be wary of. Though they don’t know that these fly fishing rods are flexible and durable. These rods also promise effortless casting.

You now have a nice rundown of some of the top-rated fly rods out there. The only thing to do is narrow down and choose the one that you like most. But this choice may not be easy. So, now let’s try to learn how to pick a fly rod for travel.

Redington Classic Trout Rod

Redington Fly Fishing Rod 276-4 Classic Trout...

Reddington Classic is a lightweight, medium-action fly rod. It comes in either 4 or 6 piece sets, and sizes range from 7’5” to 9’0”. It is available in weights 2-6, with good power, balance, and accuracy.

The medium action allows you to cast a decent distance, while still feeling the fish. This combination of weight and action doesn’t come at the cost of sensitivity. It is an excellent fly rod for trout fishing

The 4 and 6 piece fly rods make it a great choice for backpacking. It comes with a divided brown Ballistic nylon rod tube, making sure it doesn’t get damaged during travel. Alignment dots allow for an easy set up getting you up and fishing in no time.

The long and lightweight rod offers the flexibility that a trout fisherman needs. It is easily maneuverable with a good amount of bend. It is a top choice among trout anglers everywhere.

It has a beautiful rosewood inlay. The cork handle adds to the quality presentation and stability of this rod.

We like rod action and its performance with smaller trout. This easy-to-use, lightweight rod, is becoming increasingly popular. Besides the wonderful performance, the Redington Classic also comes with a lifetime warranty.

What is a Fly Rod

Fly Fishing Rods
Fly Fishing Rods

A fly rod is a lightweight fishing pole used to cast a weighted fly or lure. Fly rods are generally longer and lighter than conventional rods.

They come in various lengths and weights. Fly rods range from 5 to 14 feet long and have a weight difference of about one ounce. The length of the rod depends on the type of fish are targeting, its size, location, and water conditions.

A fly rod is usually made out of very light and strong materials such as graphite or fiberglass. The weight of the rod depends on the length of the rod and can range from about 4 ounces to over 12 ounces.

The goal of fly fishing is to entice the fish to eat the artificial fly that is being presented. Fly fishermen use an overhead casting motion. The fly line is cast out and allowed to sink below the surface of the water.

A fly rod has a long, thin, sensitive tip to let the angler feel the slightest bite, without damaging the line.

Fly rods are popular among both amateur and professional fishermen alike.

What Types of Fly Rods are Best for Travel

The best fly rods for travel are those that are lightweight and compact. This makes them easier to pack and carry. They also tend to be more affordable, so you can get a good fly rod without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a travel-friendly fly rod, the best option is one that can be disassembled with ease. This type of rod is compact, easy to put into a bag, and easy to carry.

If you’re looking for a rod that’s easy to pack, durable, and can handle a variety of fishing situations, then consider the Aventik Z Fly Rod. It’s a good option for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. It fits well in a carry-on bag or backpack.

How to Choose the Best Travel Fly Rod

There are many reasons why one might want to buy a fly rod for traveling. Some buy for backpacking and hiking. Some buy for their portability and ease of storage.

Fly rods have a simplistic design that gets the job done without complicating things. Moreover, most fly rods are reasonably priced. They are easy to use, effective, and yet affordable.

If you know that the fly rods are right for you, I’ll help you learn how to pick the right one.

Fly Rod Weight

Here is a quick video to explain different fly rod sizes or “weights”.

Fly rods come in different sizes or weights, and each one is suitable for a particular fishing technique. When considering which fly rod to buy, it’s important to know what type of fish you’ll be targeting.

For example, a 3 weight fly fishing rod is suitable for catching trout, panfish, bass, or smaller saltwater species. A 7wt fly rod is great for fishing redfish, drum, or larger freshwater fish. Bigger 12wt fly rods would be appropriate for big tarpon, sharks, or cobia.

The weight determines how well you’re able to cast flies. It is affects casting distance and accuracy. So, look at the weight before buying a fly rod. The best way to determine what size rod you need is to consult with an experienced fly fishing guide.

Fly Rod Length

If you’re fishing for trout, you would want a rod that is about 9 feet long. This length provides enough power to cast a fly into the stream and pull it back quickly.

But if you’re fishing for bass, you want a rod that is about 12 feet long. This length allows you to cast your lure out into the water more easily.

Rod length is crucial for travelers who have less space to carry big fly fishing rods. If you’re backpacking or hiking, taking the 10’ fly rods might not be a good idea. You need a fly rod that is compact. One that you can comfortably carry.

Choosing the right weight rod is important. It can make the difference between catching fish and coming home empty-handed. We recommend the 6-7 feet fly rods for travel. The length isn’t too daunting and the rod is easier to pack.

Materials and Build Quality

The materials and build quality determine the durability of a fly rod. It is also fundamental to the rod’s ability to perform in different situations and weather conditions.

You should never have to worry about your rod breaking when you are out fishing. This happens with a lot of anglers. It is the result of improper research before purchasing a travel fly rod. Research and study the material before buying a rod.

There are many ways to find the build quality of a fly rod. Inspecting the rod, feeling to see if it’s flimsy, and looking at the prices. Touch is the easiest and fastest way to determine build quality.

Only inspecting makes it a bit harder as looks don’t equate to quality. Though it would be another case if the rod looks flimsy and is cheap.

Fly Rod Action

A slow-action fly rod is highly recommended for beginners. It may be hard to see eye-to-eye on this if you’re looking to catch big fish right away. I can understand the eagerness.

But starting from the bottom and working your way up is how everyone learns. So, there’s nothing to be ashamed about when starting off with slow-action fly rods.

But, the case may be different if you have some fly fishing experience. You can get away with using a medium, or even fast action rod. The experience will you the ease of use and a slow action rod may just set you back.

Type of Fish

Trout Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing for Trout

It’s important to understand what type of fish you plan to go after before buying a fly fishing rod. It’s no secret that trout anglers are the ones who buy most fly fishing rods. But there are many types of fishes that you can catch with fly rods.

Every rod will not reel in every species. Different fly rods are built to handle different types of fish. With this in mind, understand what type of fish you plan on catching before purchasing a rod. It may save you from disappointment and heartache.

Ease of Use

Some anglers believe they can handle any fly rod out there. But I hate to burst the bubble especially if you’re a beginner.

You must think about handling and ease of use. Will you be able to handle the fly rod correctly? Do you need a smaller fly rod geared towards beginners?

Choosing the right fly rod is easier if you take into account your skillset and ease of use. You may have the most expensive fly rod in the world yet it would be useless if you had no idea how to use it. Your skillset and fly rod work hand-in-hand while fishing.


To recap, here is our pick of the Best Travel Fly Rods…

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Now, some of you may not have much time on your hands. You may be hoping for a quick answer. So, if that’s the case, I’ll make it easier for you to pick the Best Travel Fly Rod.

Our pick is the Aventik Z. It was a hard decision as there were so many good options, but this fly rod packs a punch. This classy fishing rod is versatile and can be used by a beginner or an expert. It is available in different rod weights and lengths.

Moonshine Drifter is next on our list. It is a medium action rod that delivers excellent performance. Fishes of all sizes are fair game. There are a lot of distinguishing features.

It can withstand demanding situations. The unique structure allows you to cast even heavier flies long distances yet pursue small fish like Sunfish. You never have to worry about your fly rod breaking because of its durability.

Many anglers believe that the Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod is what they’re looking for. Others might prefer the Dragontail Tenkara.

It is a matter of preference which rod you choose. One can understand how to pick a travel fly rod, by comparison, or, you can simply look up the online reviews for different fly rods.

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