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Besides providing the fishing equipment for rent and organizing tours, we also offer lots of training!

Fishing Tours
Besides local fishing good spots, our club also organizes US-wide tours!
For those newcomers who wanna become pro fishermen, we offer training!
Here you will always be able to meet your fellow fishermen and enjoy their company!
With all kinds of equipment up for rent, we are the best club!

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Our Fishing Tours!

With locations to offer, Cuttyhunk sees the most fishing action by our club members.

Still, quite often we offer our fellow fishermen some remote, but exciting fishing tours – like the one to the state of Oregon, the river-covered Missouri, or even the extremity of Alaskan fishing in the Fall.

Special Discounts

for new club members apply all year long!
Join your fellow fishermen!

Tips & Tricks for Fishermen!

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned fisherman, tips are always handy…

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